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Fantasy Baseball Tonight, Jun. 16

Posted By Ryan Hallam On June 17, 2009 @ 1:30 am In Featured,MLB | No Comments

Travis Hafner has been hitting up a storm since he returned from the DL with his latest shoulder ailment.  Hafner hit his seventh homer of the year, which was his third since coming back on June 5th. 

Hafner is a guy with big and power potential, but his shoulder injuries over the past couple of seasons definitely have fantasy players nervous.  While I think he is a guy that you can put on your roster and he can help out your squad in the power department, I wouldn’t put too much stock in a guy who has missed so much time lately. 

If you are going to pick him up, be very careful who you drop for him.  He could have a big payoff, or he could be back on the DL in two weeks.

Somehow, Mike Pelfrey has a 5-2 record.  He has an ERA of  4.56, a WHIP of 1.46, and has 27 walks and 30 strikeouts.  Those factors normally don’t add up to a winning record.

If you look at his game log, his season really hasn’t been too bad.  Including tonight, he has allowed three runs or less in nine of his last ten starts.  So, the strikeout to walk ratio isn’t good, but most of his starts have been pretty good as far as runs allowed are concerned. 

Pelfrey, at best, is a guy that you have at the very end of your pitching rotation, and in most leagues I am in he is a free agent.  I think, unless you are in a 14 or 16 team league, he should probably stay there. 

But, if the Mets are playing the Nats or Padres, he is worth picking up.

Ricky Romero continues to pitch better after a rough couple starts after coming back from injury.  Romero allowed ten earned runs combined in his first two off the DL, but has allowed just seven earned in the three starts after that. 

He struck out nine batters in his start on Tuesday, which is his best number of the year.  I keep looking at his career numbers and there is no way he can pitch this well all year. 

If you have him, ride the wave while he is hot, but be prepared for a bad stretch.

Chris Volstad lost his fourth straight start, but I don’t believe the situation is as bad as it seems. 

Okay, so he gave up eight earned runs in 3.2 innings on Tuesday.  However, many a pitcher have gotten blown up by the Sox.  Granted, he has been bad his last two times out, but, in his other five losses, he has given up a combined fourteen runs. 

This, to me, says that you shouldn’t be sending him packing just yet.  Volstad is not a big strikeout guy, but is still a great pitching prospect and I would still hold on to him at this point. 

Give him another two or three starts before deciding on what to do with him.

I can’t figure Gil Meche out. 

I am high on him to start the season, and he goes through a pretty horrible stretch in late April and early May.  Then, I advise folks to lose the faith in him, and now he has had back to back great outings.

After striking out eleven over seven shutout innings, Meche does one better and throws a complete game shutout with six Ks.  Obviously, he is very inconsistent, but, on the season, he has a 3.31 ERA.  Although he doesn’t strikeout guys at an elite level, he gets his fair share. 

He is a fourth or fifth starter on decent fantasy teams.

Justin Verlander finally got roughed up for the first time since late April when he allowed seven runs against the Angels. 

There’s no much to say here. 

Verlander is a stud. 

Don’t read too much into one bad start.  Pitchers generally make 35 starts.  If they have an amazing season, they win 20 games.  That means that nearly half the time they won’t collect a win.  There are going to be rough outings. 

Don’t freak out, please.

John Smoltz will make his debut for the Boston Red Sox on June 25 against the Washington Nationals.  I know a lot of you have been holding on to him and waiting for this return. 

Smoltz has been a great pitcher for a long time.  He has not only been a great starter, but was a great closer as well.  He is also a very good strikeout pitcher. 

However, Smoltz is 42-years-old and coming off major surgery.  There is no guarantee that he will be good upon his return.  Chances are that he will be good, and if you have been holding him all this time, be ready to start him next week.

Still, don’t be shocked if all doesn’t go well.  Start one against Washington should be a positive experience though.

David Ortiz homered again, and that is now four home runs in the last week. 

I’m not quite ready to say that the season long slump has been turned around, but it is getting very close to that.  I’ve been saying, for a few days now, if he was dropped, find a way to pick him up. 

He is worth the risk that he is going to start producing.

Marlins’ rookie Chris Coughlan continues to hit over the past week or so.  He isn’t a power guy and isn’t driving in runs, but he is at least starting to get some hits. In the last ten games, Coughlan has had 16 hits, five RBI, and three stolen bases. 

He wasn’t the highest ranking prospect, but he has been producing as of late.  He should be 2B and 3B eligible and can help you out in the short term. 

Long term, I don’t think that he will be a viable fantasy player.


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