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Sosa Tests Positive For Steroids: Is this Really Breaking News?

Posted By kane simmons On June 17, 2009 @ 1:51 am In Featured,MLB | No Comments

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Sosa was among the 104 players to test positive for PED's in the 2003 "annoumous" drug test.

In related news, the Easter bunny and Santa Claus tested positive for being fictional characters.

To baseball fans, or any person in their right mind, sadly this isn't a surprise. Nor would it be a surprise if any other player from the 1990s or 2000s were on that list.

Another sad thing about Sosa's name being on the list from 2003, is that it is just the tip of the iceberg, a very bulky iceberg nevertheless. There are still 102 more players that are yet to be named.

Will the other 102 players on the list be sure fire Hall of Famers as Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, Palmeiro, Clemens, A-Rod were once perceived? No, probably (hopefully) not, as this is only the beginning to the end of the "steroid era."

My feelings towards Sosa are heavily biased, as I am a Cubs fan, but more so because it was Sosa vs. McGwire in 1998 that led me to love (It's more of a love/hate relationship) the Cubs and baseball itself.

In 1998 I was 9 years old and my cousin, whom is one year older than I, was a Cardinals fan, and thus a McGwire fan. Being competitive as I am, I rooted for Sosa to beat McGwire in the homerun race of 1998.

If Sosa, or any player from any team for that matter, challenged McGwire in '98, that would the team whose shirt I would probaly be wearing right now, but alas it is a Cubs' shirt.

When the steroid allegations and later conformations became longer and longer, I knew that Sosa's name would inevitably be on that list.

The fallout now for Sosa is possibly being charged for lying to Congress, and a much longer wait (if at all) to the Hall of Fame. The fallout from the fans is becoming more and more diluted as the list of cheaters become longer and longer.

Fans, in general, haven't cared, they still go to the games, and vote PED users to the All Star game.  

Finding out Sosa used PED's, is like finding out Santa Claus doesn't exist. After a while we know Sosa numbers and gift's from Santa aren't real. But once we know Santa doesn't exist that doesn't take away from the spirit of Christmas. 

Sosa's numbers are forever tarnished, but what he and McGwire did in '98 shouldn't be tarnished. They "saved" baseball and created a new generation of fans, I ought to know because I am one of them.  

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